cropped-shadie_grove_tutoring_logo-6-2015_300x55Learning is inherent throughout every facet of life. Shadie Grove Tutoring is a private tutoring company based in the Pasadena/Los Angeles area. The company was founded upon the concrete understanding that learning is an autonomous process that is strengthened by socialized experiences. Our mission is to support your student(s) in taking charge of their own education by learning the skills taught in school and developing them so that they can be used independently and confidently.

Experienced in academia, the founders of Shadie Grove together have a vast and varied knowledge of the struggles and benefits of working towards an education. This understanding of strengths and challenges provides a level of empathy in our services that sets us apart from other tutoring companies. Our duty is to identify every student’s individual talents and shortcomings to make for a more self-aware student that is able to truly feel a sense of ownership for their education.